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忍野昭太郎氏 『続・最後の強敵日本を撃て』 以下抜粋

小さな争いごとも巨大な戦争も、本質的には 同じ原因から発生する。
共 通していることは、争いごとを欲する人間がいるということだ。

決して 平和を望んだりはしない。



現象の背後 に「意図されたもの」や「仕掛け」を見ることができる。


観 客の一員となって楽しむかたわら


どれほどの関係者による協力があったかを想像する ことはできよう。

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アッチの 「筋書き」を白紙にする=脱・洗脳装置










オバマも亀井氏(国民 新党)も--ゲバラのファンだが...

In many of Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign offices,
his campaign workers displayed pictures and posters of
Cuban Communist revolutionary Ché Guevara and Barack Obama

☆ ☆ ☆
CODEWORD BARBELON by P.D.Stuart pg.202

Wherever a totalitarian movement erupts, whether Communist or Nazi 【i.e. fascism】, a Jesuit can be found in the role of 'adviser' or leader; in Cuba 【it was】Castro's 'Father' Armando Llorente. Casro himself was Jesuit-trained at various Jesuit schools, including El Colegio de Belén, a Jesuit boarding school in Havana!...Emanuel Josephson
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And when we begin to realize that Jesuit socialist-communism is a religion, that the belief of “cultural universal equality” among races is a deceptive seduction imposed primarily upon White Protestant nations, that Roman Catholic Sir Thomas More, the man who hated and murdered William Tyndale?the father of the English Reformation Bible?was one of the creators of Marxian Communism via his work Utopia, we then can come to grips with the fact that the destruction of Protestant nations born out of the Bible-based Protestant Reformation?which nations are only historically composed of White/Caucasian races?is a plot of the Black Pope and his Jesuit Order....EJP

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The communist nomenklatura,
like the Marxist-corporate-capitalists are just feudal bandit.

The differences are, however, marked.

In communism,
terror and murder is used to control the people.

In corporate-capitalist states “legal” intimidation and relentless psychological warfare is used to control the masses. Only a leftist fool would therefore promote communism or socialism as superior.

In many ways, the 'lessons' projected by Guevara and Castro were a dangerously misleading and wrong-headed blueprint for insurgency or terrorist uprisings in the rest of Latin America.

Che Guevara was pimped as the grand guru of that effort
and communist Hollywood loves him...Breaker McCoy (PDF)

☆ ☆ ☆

Che Guevara was a martyr. Unfortunately he did not realise that Marxism, the "god" he died for, was a product of the very same illuminati who murdered him.

Today we know that the illuminati agents had infiltrated the Soviet Union government to the point where, after the murder of JFK, the US and the Soviet Union were in fact ruling the world together, under the cover of the "cold war".

These are the key facts required to understand the death of Che in Bolivia.

Fidel Castro, now an illuminati agent, was assigned the role of sending the french illuminati agent Regis Debray to Bolivia. His mission: to put an end to the legend of Ernesto Che Guevara... Matt Marriott

Con Con Presentation
by Eric Jon Phelps

"Monopoly of every necessity of life and of national existence,
and absolute dictatorship are
the basic doctrines of the Rockefeller Empire.

For this purpose
the Rockfeller 'philanthropies' have fostered Marxism
as the shortest cut to 【fascist】 dictatorship in a Democracy"
"The Strange Death of Franklin D. Roosevelt" pg.73
by Emanuel M. Josephson

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William Cooper "Behold A Pale Horse" pg.164

Those on the right who believe that it is communist forget
that U.S. bankers financed the creation of the Soviet Union.
Financial assistance from MANY different countries, institutions,
and peoples of opposing religious
and political beliefs has been the only thing that has kept the
unworkable communist economy afloat for all of these years.

The Rockefeller family has a bank branch in the Kremlin.

Those on the right must also ask why,
whenever we have set out to stop communism,
the United States has only strengthened communism.

No modern war, no matter what it was called,
has ever resulted in territorial gain for the winner.
It is not because our leaders are communist, as claimed by the right.

Communism was a creation meant to function
as the antithesis to the United States.

Many of our leaders, however, are Illuminati.

☆ ☆ ☆ 勿論、イエズス会は拘わっているが..

イエズス会 /Vaticanの”殲滅ゲーム”広島・長崎爆心地に居ながら生還する謎のイエズス会士たち

How ground based electromagnetic detonations (EMDs) occurred in two Japanese cities dominated by the Jesuits for over 200 years is a truly fascinating string of facts and evidence. The radiation poisonings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were caused by conventional weapons covered in Uranium (dirty bombs) that were dropped by airplanes and exploded at high altitudes over the cities. The high altitude radioactive explosions were the signals for the non-radioactive ground based Jesuit EMDs to be ignited.

The Jesuit EMDs were used in an attempt to blast and build a lake canal for supertanker ships across the country of Nicaragua. Whenever there is a massive explosion with a mushroom cloud somewhere on Earth, the cause is a Jesuit EMD and not a dirty bomb with Uranium and Plutonium...Timothy

..the Jesuits dominated parts of Japan through their
political influence of Japanese citizens educated and
promoted by them, they choose Hiroshima (military base) and
Nagasaki (seaport) as their testing grounds for the EMDs.
The overwhelming evidence prove Jesuits trained in physics
were hiding in underground bunkers less than eight city blocks
from ground zero in both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As the
radioactive aerial dirty bombs exploded, Jesuit physicist,
Father Kliensorge and other priests ignited the low to non-
radio active EMDs but then emerged from their secret bunkers

The Jesuit cover story given in 1945 was two
miracles occurred due to intervention by the Virgin Mary.
Do you believe the ridiculous Jesuit "miracle" propaganda?
..Brian David Anderson PDF

☆ ☆ ☆ コッチも... ○△○

Hugo Enomiya(愛宮)-Lassalle(ラサール)神父
イエズス会  広島で被爆??? 上智大教授 原田祖岳ら に禅を学ぶ
Aiun-ken Hugo Makibi Enomiya-Lassalle (1898?1990) was one of the foremost teachers to embrace
both Roman Catholic Christianity and Zen Buddhism.

戦後 この流れはアメリカでの禅世界では主流へと発展。

戦時に協力 した禅の指導者たち


『禅 と戦争』 禅仏教は 戦争に協力したか
ブラィアン・アン ド ルー・ヴィクトリア (Brian Victoria) 著


明 治の「廃仏毀釈」は、多くの寺院や仏像を破壊した。

その結果、僧侶の多くは 還 俗(げんぞく)を余儀なくされたとはいえ、

そ の後に 愛国 心と銘をうって 戦争賛美へ走った彼らの行動 は、

あまりにも 偽善的 で、国民を軽んじた行為で ある。

いつの時 代も 戦争となれば、真っ先に犠牲となるのが女性や子供たち。

僧侶たちは それを知りつつ 加担した。

国 民のためにあるはずの国家が、

国民に対し、命を惜しむな と戦場へ駆り出し、


彼らは あの時の国民 一人一人の辛さや悲しみを、

お国のために と、息子や夫の出征を やむなく笑顔で見送 り、
戦死の知らせに 涙も見せず、

不条理にも それが 名誉なことと言いきかせねばならなかった
数知れぬ母や妻の悲し み を、

あるいは、 たった一枚の紙切れで
愛 する家族から 引き裂かれ、
望郷のうちに息絶えた兵士たちの 痛恨の思いを、

現代に生きる僧侶たちにも 今一 度
考察する時が やってきたのではないだろう か。



一切が当時の国家リーダーたちにのみあったとみなされがちなこ と。


当時の日本は「国家神道」のみな らず、

大半の仏教者たちが、そ して 「禅と剣」を誇りとする禅者たちが、
「戦 争」への、そして「敗戦」への道に加担したことは紛(まぎ)れも無い事実である。

この点を 見誤らないことが  重要な点である。

--- 「聖戦」と名づける限りにおいて、
事 態の善悪を判断することは 不可能に近くそこに 戦争の不幸が重なってゆく。

--- 膨大(ぼうだい)な戦死者をだした罪が「国家」にある限り、
人は「国家」の存在たるものが いつの時代にあっても、
本質的には 国民に犠牲を強いるものであることを認識しなければならない。



深く思索する時期が 今こそ やって来たことを認識する必要がある。

そうすることによって 人間の弱さ 愚かさを自覚しつつ、

他民族と共に 語 り合う出発点に立ち

--「聖戦」の概念を 免れ

それが新しい世紀を 生きる 我々人間に課せられた使命であると考えたい。

将来ある青年たちが二度と再び 「宗 教」の狂気に惑わされることなく
--そこには 洗脳する側と 求める側があったこと--

い かなる国家主義にも翻弄されてはならない時代がやってきたことに

目覚めるきっかけとなればとの一念でやり遂げたことを 報告しておきたい。

★ ★ ★

チェ・ゲ バラ他 操られる人々=駒

【駒】を配置 ... グランド・デザイン

世界支配シ ナリオライター=ノストラダムス



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